Expect Eye Boogers!


This is a page you will find recommendations and other helpful info for your research and purchasing your Neo.  Any additional questions Please feel Free to contact me.



*Vitamin C or Ester C -1000mg daily  

Good for joints and immune systems.

*Glucosamine -1500mg daily.

A MUST for your growing Neapolitan, and/or

*MSM-(this is a powder/granule & an alternative

                 for the Dog that is difficult at taking his Pills)

You can find this at your Local Feed Store or

Tractor Supply Store, made for horses.  


Here is a wonderful site to get

powdered supplements I LOVE:




Kibble - I feed Kirkland Chicken with some extras.  Ground Hamburger mixed, pressure cooked Chicken, Deer (when available), Green Tripe, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, noodles, oatmeal and bread.  Maybe not all together, but I like to change things up   a bit and not have so much repetition so they dont become bored with the food and it gets wasted. 

**When choosing your kibble make sure you have a 26/15% ratio on Protein/Fat.  Stay away from Corn,

by-products, soy, any food with dye in it &

Grocery store brands. 

Raw diets - I have done this with all of my dogs.  They do really well on it and then they are over it,  then the food is wasted.  So I just mix things up.  

Here are a few websites I like on Raw Diets,

there are a Ton more.  







**Also, Please remember whatever you decide to feed your Neapolitan, while

they are young & growing, KEEP THEM

LIGHT & GROW SLOW.  It will help on

their Joints and their Diet is Very

Important while they are young.




The Official book of the Neapolitan Mastiff  

BY Dr. Sherilyn Allen VMD

The must have book for the Neapolitan Mastiff

written by the GURU of Neapolitans in the USA.

You can find them for sale on Ebay or Amazon and since they are out of print, they are about $250-$350



What do you need for your new Neo Puppy?  

What should you have ready for the pup

when it comes home?


-Collar -start out with an 18 inch if the pup is 8-10 weeks.  They are BIG puppies and you can adjust it!


-Bowls (food & water)  I prefer Stainless Steel.  They are easy to clean and they can't usually eat the bowls (they will try).

-Rubber brush (horse brush) or Furminator

-Metal Crate  42" is the smallest you want to buy.  We keep our females in 48" crates.  Males will need larger (54")

-Toys!  But you must supervise.  They might want to eat them.  Give them Large balls (basketball/yoga), ropes, bones, hard rubber toys to chew and keep them busy.

-Drool Towels!!!

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1 Heart

2 Hip

3 Bloat

4 Cancer

5 Autoimmune Deficiency/Disease

For More Health Related information on the Neapolitan Mastiff, Please check out the Mastino Health Foundations