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Being in the Pet Industry & being involved with all types of Pets & Exotics regarding Husbandry & Vet care for 18+ years helped give me the knowledge and shape me into who I am today and the Passion I have towards All Types of Animals. 

I attended Animal Arts Academy Grooming school in Carmel, IN in 2003 and I graduated Top of my Class earning my CPG, Certified Professional Groomer, and off to the Grooming World I went.  So, in my search for the Perfect Breed for me with interest to Exhibit them, I had seen a few Neapolitan Mastiffs around and at local shows and decided to do more researching and talk to a few people concerning the breed and then in 2007, I made the plunge! I have fallen madly and deeply in Love with this Faithful breed and can’t imagine my Life without them.

 In my spare time, I like to go to every Show I can and hang out with my Show friends or just hang around the house with the Dogs.

“I am striving in producing the Best Healthy, Functional and Typey Neapolitan Mastiffs.”

I Love and Welcome Visitors, but please call to make arrangements for a Visitation, So the Dogs & I can Accommodate you and give you Our Full Attention!



Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to place a deposit on one of my future breedings or be placed on my Waiting list. Please remember that deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Make sure this is what you want before placing the deposit.

**Please remember that MOST to ALL Puppies are Sold before the actual breeding has taken place so placing a deposit, being patient for the next litter or the breeding you are looking for will all be worth it in the end. You have to wait sometimes for Quality.  Mean while, we will get to know each other and you will get to know my dogs and I will answer ALL your questions Before, After and During the process. I am not like other Breeders were once you hand them your money then you never hear from them again!? Not ME! I am here for the Life of the Dog and BEYOND! I LOVE educating people on this wonderful breed and I want you to Enjoy your Healthy puppy and have a wonderful relationship with them.  The LOVE you get from a Neapolitan Mastiff is unconditional and the bond you develop is one you will remember always and forever because there is no other Breed like a Neapolitan Mastiff!**

Thanks for checking out the site. 

Check back for Updates and Puppy pictures often!

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Charina DeFur




The Girls taking care

of an unwanted trespasser..

Charina with

Dr. Sherilyn Allen, and Cena at the Atlanta Regional Specialty 2008!

Corrado’s Baloo

Corrado’s Califf

Diva doing the NEO KICK, which is what

they do when they

are HAPPY!!

Handler of the 2012 USNMC National Specialty Winner

BISS GCH Ironwood’s Marcelo Roman Luciano

owner Susan Vann-Spruill, breeder Jim Deppen